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Images of Whitby (2/2)

The Bram Stoker Memorial Bench

Awful photo. See it properly in the lobby of the Royal Hotel on West Cliff

James Cook. At sunset

Through the whalebones, the Abbey


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From the streets of Whitby

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Captain James Cook

1728 – 1779

He got about a bit

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I don’t mind if you forget me

Do you worry about your health?
Do you watch it slowly change?
When you listen to yourself, does it feel like somebody else?
Did you notice when you began to disappear – oh was it slowly at first, until there’s nobody really there?
These are the questions with which British Sea Power’s Yan begins Remember Me (for the record: yes, yes, yes, and yes). There’s a deep sense of loss here (of youth? love? the nation’s war veterans?), delivered with absolute, utter conviction.

This is one of the reasons I love British Sea Power.


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