Now here’s a thing. I stumbled across the 1977 album ‘Pink Flag’ by Wire more or less by accident, and find it something of a curate’s egg, but the good parts are frighteningly good. The album places itself somewhere on the punk/rock/post-punk bit of the pigeon-holing spectrum, but I’ll not pretend to understand the nuances, if indeed there are any. Safe to say it’s easy to see its influence in a lot of the wall-to-wall Britpop of my teenage years.

Reuters, the dark, brooding opening track, is a tale of a lawless, nightmarish land, with “looting, burning, raaape” being the closest thing to a chorus. It’s genuinely brilliant.

So is Field Days For The Sundays, a desperate plea for tabloid infamy achieving more in 28 seconds than many bands do in a lifetime, and so too Three Girl Rhumba (cunningly re-released using a different song title and band name in 1995).

Switching quickly to the end of the album, Feeling Called Love seems incongruous in between the enjoyably, mysteriously bleak Champs (which somehow ends just as it seems ready to really begin) and 1 2 X U (which has a charming bit of studio vocal in the intro).

There’s so much to love on this album, its incredible immediacy, its rawness, the fact that it doesn’t really matter than the middle of the album loses its way, but probably most of all, Mannequin.


  1. #1 by Simmo on February 10, 2012 - 2:23 am

    One of my favourite albums of all time . I saw Wire live last year. They are still brilliant .

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