The pageant of his rambling mouth

Despite the damp squib that was my last theme week (if you weren’t around at the time, don’t ask, I’ll only get upset. What? No, really, I’d rather n… Oh, ok, it was cricket alright? Yes, yes, bloody cricket. Happy now?), it’s time for another.

Morrissey: The Pageant Of His Bleeding Heart really is a spectacular book. Describing itself as “the first scholarly study of Morrissey’s work” it is determinedly academic and literary. Author Gavin Hopps’ fierce straight-facedness manages to be both consciously serious and unknowingly hilarious.

I’ve had it about a year, and in that time have managed to get through only 80-odd of its near-300 pages. It’s hard work, laugh-out-loud funny, genuinely thought-provoking, slightly ridiculous, and, best of all, extremely insightful. I love it, and one day I might even finish it.

This theme week will pull out some personal highlights from the book. Such as…

“Morrissey is, I believe, the greatest disturbance popular music has ever known, who has an instictive sympathy for the marginalised or excluded (however unpalatable these may be) and a suspicion of all that seeks to establish itself as ‘normal’ (however worthy such things may appear), and whose favoured sport, like the decadents before him, is épater le bourgeois

You see? The author even uses unnecessarily florid French phrases. To describe Morrissey’s work. This book could have been written just for me.


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