A short pause for a brief public service announcement

Just a quick interlude in the ever-riveting series on cricket grounds, but this really is worth pursuing. My friend and blog rival Ray Wittering has made March his ‘Giallo Month’. If, like me, you had no idea what this was on first hearing of it, his own definition should help:

“Giallo films are Italian crime thrillers made between the mid sixties and the late seventies, although the peak period was was probably 1970-1974. A good giallo will feature:

  • a convoluted plot that moves fast enough that you don’t have time to realise none of it makes any sense;
  • a series of brutal, sometimes ingenious murders perpetrated by a seemingly unstoppable killer (sometimes masked, always gloved);
  • stylish production, camera work, fashions and other mod cons;
  • the most beautiful women in Europe, often in sexual situations; 
  • incredible music, composed by a genius (Morricone, Piccioni, Umiliani, Cipriani, etc.). “

This really, really is marvellous stuff. You might want to check out the earliest posts in the month for some background, and do be aware that “giallo isn’t for kids. The clips and stills to be featured will contain nudity and sadistic violence so, if you are bothered by that sort of thing then you will almost certainly be offended by some of the upcoming content”.


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