A disregard for health and safety

I really do think more people should blog about The Young Knives, you know.

Of late (that is, for about 2 months), I have been obsessed with Counters from their second album, Superabundance; obsessed to the point of absorption, assimilation, and integration. I was initially fooled by the gentle, almost sing-song start, but their familiarly choppy, angular guitars soon take over, along with feral dogs barking: a snatch of the chaotic, bleak, grimy demi-monde just next door to where the Knives live. At least, that’s what I hear.

The song is a tale of anger and bitterness, mostly aimed at an un-named target (“It seems that everything’s gone wrong / Since you entered my life”) but I get a sense of a healthy slab of self-hatred too, culminating in “sitting in the front seat / turning on the motor / sucking on the hosepipe / keep it turning over” – an unlikely, but successful, candidate for a sing-along chorus if I ever heard one.

The repeated sing-song lines offer perhaps a glimpse of the reason for the sweat-stained shirt and sour milk. It could just be that I have spent far too much time with accountants these last couple of years, but relegating other people from ‘numbers’ to mere ‘counters’ sounds to me like a natural progression if you’re financially-minded. Now, where are my car keys?

Also, I have no idea what’s going on with the video.



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