Allons-y, let’s go

I love British Sea Power. They stray just (just) the right side of pretentiousness, intellectualism, and being downright too clever by half, and make lyrically and musically interesting songs for it. They are an ostensibly ‘indie’ band without being your ‘typical’ indie band (ie. shit). I suspect I will write lots about them.

I should point out that I apart from the standard ‘you’re-a-school-pupil-here’s-a-recorder’ spell, and a severe case of stage fright involving some kind of large brass instrument, I have literally no understanding of the technicalities of music. This fact, and its resulting limitations will become horrendously apparent from now on.

In No Lucifer, from Do You Like Rock Music?, their third full album (or LP, if you must), they tackle the subject of good versus evil. They do this in a novel way, bringing some Big Daddy fans in from the 1980s to sing backing vocals (“Easy, easy!”), and constructing a video featuring rejects from The Judderman campaign.

This is a weirdly optimistic song, in which evil will be sought out (“To Sodom I will go”), confronted (“Can always just say no / To the anti-aircraft crew / And the boys from the Hitler youth”) , and defeated (“Several Lucifers come / And we can beat them all”).

Meanwhile, Kevlar and cherrywood are put up as divergent options for our future (representing malevolence and good. Respectively, obviously), touching on another of BSP’s favourite debates, modernity versus nature. Their gigs are reported to feature all manner of foliage and plastic seabirds about the stage, as well as the occasional appearance of an oversize bear. I wouldn’t know first-hand of course, as I don’t really do live stuff.



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